ECAS members hold seats on a variety of industry committees to represent and advocate on behlaf of the members and the electrical industry.  If you want to raise issues or have your ideas advanced at future meetings contact the members of the various committess listed below.  


Committee ECAS Rep Phone Email
ECAR Brad Ross 306.591.6803
  Cam Thick 306.721.6484
Liaiason Wes Saworsky 306.850.6877
  Joe Mignon 306.789.6066
  Brry Iles 306.757.6549
  Rob Istace 306.221.4188
  Come Prefontaine
SBDI Dean Cochrane 306.665.6551
SCSA Adam Erickson 306.779.2200
  Garnet Connolly 306.242.1631
SCA Advisory Rob Istace 306.221.4188
CECA Bryan Leverick 306.242.5802
PA Contractors Association

Kelly Timmerman

Technical Sask Power Wes Saworsky 306.850.6877
  Brad Ross 306.591.6803
Registered Contractor Program Wes Saworksy 306.850.6877
  Barry Iles 306.757.6549
  Allan Gibb 306.975.0101
  Joe Mignon 306.789.6066
SATCC Joe Mignon 306.789.6066
Scope of the Electrical Trade Wes Saworsky 306.850.6877
SECA  Brent Timmerman 306.242.6401