Membership Drive 2017

ECAS 2017 membership renewal notices will be sent out in early January. Your membership is the lifeline of our organization, we encourage you to renew and be a part of the new ECAS team. With the ever changing needs of our industry and the unprecedented economic activity in the province, as the largest trade employer in the province we need our voice to be strong and to represent our industry at all levels of government and with the various regulatory and related industry organizations that need to hear our ideas and opinions. Please also encourage other businesses, suppliers and associates in the industry to become members and get involved. We have been told in the past that we are not representative of the industry due to our membership size - let's change this so we can truly become

"The Voice of The Electrical Industry in Saskatchewan"

The Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan was incorporated on June 1, 1959. The Mandate established was: “that there be a provincial association incorporated for the purpose of furthering the interests and welfare of Electrical Contractors and their employees, furthering public relations, and participating in the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association.” On Monday, March 9, 1959, Marshall Young of Sun Electric was named the first President of ECAS. The first convention was held in Saskatoon April 3 and 4th  that same year.
( Excerpt from "Connections - The History of Electrical Contractors , Association of Saskatchewan the First 25 years.")
ECAS is a provincial non profit trade association which represents the interests of Electrical Contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturer’s Agents. A Board of Directors and Officers elected to positions of responsibility by association membership governs ECAS. The Board of Directors have
employed an Executive Director and Manager to carry out the daily tasks of the Association.

The Association is growing in strength and numbers. If you are not already a member, join and be a part of an expanding Association that is working to improve the electrical construction industry in Saskatchewan. As our membership grows, members will be able to retain additional services from
the staff and become part of a stronger voice for Electrical Contractors in the province. ECAS is the electrical contracting industry's information center. It provides many services, such as representation on various government and industry boards, meetings and events. ECAS also assists
members with inspection authorities, apprenticeship and general contractors. As a member of ECAS you are automatically a member of CECA and are affiliated with NECA.

Objectives of ECAS:

  • act as the voice of Electrical Contractors in Saskatchewan
  • promote all aspects for the advancement of the electrical contracting industry
  • unite members for their mutual welfare with respect to policy and legislation
  • promote positive relationships among industry stakeholders
  • distribute information useful to electrical contractors
  • provide a forum for members to exchange information and build consensus on issues
  • to promote and foster the training of apprentices
  • conduct promotional activities affiliated with associations and organizations related to the electrical industry

The Voice of Electrical Contractors
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