ECAS is currently working with a variety of vendors to add to our existing list of companies who support our association by offering member discounts or benefits.

Our current program includes the following:




Electrical Estimation Software can make your company more efficient.  As an ECAS member, you will receive discounts from these industry leaders.

Please contact the ECAS office for more information at 306-539-7397.







Get found by clients on this Free online platform.

View the projects available and bid on the projects you choose.  If you are awarded the contract, you will pay a small fee ($10-$40).  FixItUp is a local software company that will get your company more recognition online, which is important in today’s world.  ECAS members receive discounts. (Read More about this program)






All employees of ECAS member companies can receive a 35% discount on paint and 25-30% on all sundrie products.  Indicate you are a member at time of purchase “cash account under Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan #072ELECTRI” in any of their stores in Saskatchewan (2 Saskatoon 1 Regina).

For more information on the company and their products click here.








All employees of ECAS member companies  are entitled to a 10% reduction on a variety of work clothing, safety equipment and CSA approved footwear at all Marks stores in Canada.  If you have not requested  Marks discount cardsf or your staff, please call the office @ 306-539-7397



As a business client, we’re happy to provide a number of great benefits for your organization and your members. Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan (ECAS) members of ECAS are eligible to take advantage of our business client discounts:

•                 30% discount off the current retail price of all cellular hardware accessories (or at cost if discount is below cost)

•                 10% off speakers, boosters and headsets (or at cost if discount is below cost)

•                 $40 discount on Comerco handset protection program for coverage against physical or
 liquid damage

•                 $15 discount on AppleCare+ handset protection plan

•                 SIM cards will be provided free of charge ($10 value)

•                 No charge Service Fees ($35 value)

•                 No charge for same day delivery within cities where we have retail locations

Please note that your company could qualify to be considered for additional benefits on your SaskTel Monthly Plans. Please contact Alisha Bennett @ 306.533-8510 for details and an account analysis.


Factory Optical

We are pleased to announce the addition of Electrical Contractors Association of Sask to our growing list of safety/corporate clients effective March 2016.
The program will work this way:

1. ECAS members will come in and announce their affiliation with the association. They then have 2 options:

  1. Option 1 – the 2 for 1 – The employee can choose any of our dress eyewear frames as their first pair of eyewear and they will then receive any of the basic package safety frames and lenses for no extra charge. If they want any other frame, more on, upgrades on the safety pairthey will be charged accordingly.
  2. Option 2 – 1 pair of safety eyewear – they can choose any of the safety frames Factory Optical carries and pricing would be as quoted by store personnel. No other discounts apply.

2. Whichever option the member chooses, they must pay for the purchase themselves.

3. The member can however submit their receipt for this purchase to their insurance provider if they have coverage for safety eyewear.

4. All members of ECAS and their immediate families are eligible to receive the 5% corporate discount on our everyday 2-4-1.

For more information click here.



Saskatchewan Hotels

All ECAS members are entitled to preferred room pricing at the Sheraton Cavalier in Saskatoon and with Atlific Hotels across Saskatchewan.  Indicate you are an ECAS member when making your reservations to qualify for member rates.

Save up to $50.00 per night from their rack rate of $299.00 per night.   Quote Client number 526326 when making your reservations.  For a complete list of 2018 room rates ->  2018 Preferred Rate Agreement – Electrical Contractors Association of SK