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These changing economic times make it necessary for the electrical industry to understand and be able to respond proactively on issues that will affect your company and the electrical industry. As the largest construction trade employer in the province, we need to be a strong unified force to ensure our voice and actions lead and support our member companies and employees.  ECAS, the Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan, is the voice for contractors and affiliate members of suppliers, designers and engineers to impact positive change to policies and regulations.

I invite you to join ECAS in 2018.  Our membership list grew significantly over the past few years and we anticipate even greater growth this year.  Your membership helps to ensure we can and will control our industries destiny by being the unequivocal voice of the industry.

Any company who holds a current Saskatchewan electrical contractors license is eligible for membership and full voting and board privilege.  Any company who supports the industry as suppliers, manufacturers, engineers or affiliates are also eligible for membership and can attend all association meetings and activities but are not eligible to hold offices on the Board of Directors.  If you are interested in an  ECAS membership please call our office at 306.537.0982 or click on the “Becoming a Member” tab for a letter from the ECAS Board Chair.

“The Voice of The Electrical Industry in Saskatchewan”

The Electrical Contractors Association of Saskatchewan was incorporated on June 1, 1959. The Mandate established was: “that there be a provincial association incorporated for the purpose of furthering the interests and welfare of Electrical Contractors and their employees, furthering public relations, and participating in the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association.” On Monday, March 9, 1959, Marshall Young of Sun Electric was named the first President of ECAS. The first convention was held in Saskatoon April 3 and 4th  that same year.
( Excerpt from “Connections – The History of Electrical Contractors , Association of Saskatchewan the First 25 years.”)
ECAS is a provincial non profit trade association which represents the interests of Electrical Contractors, Suppliers and Manufacturer’s Agents. A Board of Directors and Officers elected to positions of responsibility by association membership governs ECAS. The Board of Directors have
employed an Executive Director and Manager to carry out the daily tasks of the Association.

The Association is growing in strength and numbers. If you are not already a member, join and be a part of an expanding Association that is working to improve the electrical construction industry in Saskatchewan. As our membership grows, members will be able to retain additional services from
the staff and become part of a stronger voice for Electrical Contractors in the province. ECAS is the electrical contracting industry’s information center. It provides many services, such as representation on various government and industry boards, meetings and events. ECAS also assists
members with inspection authorities, apprenticeship and general contractors. As a member of ECAS you are automatically a member of CECA and are affiliated with NECA.


ECAS is an autonomous body of electrical contractors and associate industry members from the design, supply and crown sectors, incorporated under the “Non-Profit Corporations” Act of Saskatchewan. As the voice of the industry in Saskatchewan, this association allows members to express their opinions, ideas and concerns regarding legislation, education or advocacy that directly affect the industry locally, provincially and nationally. As the largest trades based employer in the province there are many varied and significant needs and aspirations of the industry. In order to respond to your needs and interests there are four key objectives and key deliverables for the association: Operations, Advocacy, Member Engagement, and Training/Education.

As we strive to meet and exceed the key deliverables in each objective area, the following are mandates that will drive the ongoing daily operations and long term strategies for the association.

  • To encourage, support and promote the advancement of all aspects of the electrical contracting industry.
  • To unite the members of the Association for their mutual improvement, protection and general welfare.
  • To promote better relationships between the members, owners, architects, engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, other contractors and other segments of the electrical contracting industry.
  • To acquire, compile and distribute all information useful to and concerning the electrical contracting industry.
  • To provide the forum whereby members may exchange opinions, thoughts and ideas and coordinate their efforts on all matters pertaining to the electrical contracting industry.
  • To make representation with respect to legislation for the improvement of the electrical contracting industry.
  • To promote and foster the training of apprentices in the industry.
  • To conduct promotional activities including advertising, publicity and the holding of meetings, conferences, shows and exhibitions and otherwise apprise the public of the scope and character of the electrical contracting industry.
  • To exchange information and opinions with departments of government and other agencies concerning all of the problems affecting the electrical contracting industry within the scope of the Association and to carry on negotiations leading to the solution of problems with the agency concerned.
  • To affiliate with associations, societies and organizations having objects in whole or in part similar to those of the Association.
  • To develop and offer educational programs including but not limited to: estimation, safety, code changes or business management.
  • To provide social/sporting events that members the opportunity for networking and professional interaction.
  • As a member of the ECAS you are automatically a member of the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association and through CECA a member of the National Electrical Contractors of America. Go to for membership benefits.

You will note that the advantages are wide-ranging; from representation to government and industry bodies, to education, networking and social opportunities.

We have an ambitious agenda in 2018 planning to better communicate our work to members, to further develop the affinity program, networking and social opportunities, and to offer specific electrical training programs at our new office and training centre at 1275 Albert St. in Regina. We’re excited to announce many new additions to our affinity program for the upcoming year. This features a variety of discounts adn savings for members.

Please join the team.  Become an ECAS member and let our industry know we are a strong united group as we embark upon our new 3 year industry strategy.   Your membership helps to ensure we understand, and can represent the ever-increasing challenges and requirements that our industry will face in 2018.

Come Prefontaine, President